About Matt

Hi, I’m Matt Brinkley. I’m a Fitness Professional…I have been for 10 years now!

I’m not your ordinary ‘PT’ though…

I like to make a difference to the lifestyles of disabled people.

I Promote exercise and activity for disabled people through specialist exercise therapy methods.

Early in my Personal Training career, I worked as a support worker for individuals with a Learning Disability. It was here I realised that more needs to be done in supporting people with limitations to become more active.

I have supported many people to become more active, by removing the limitation as we achieve an accessible level of exercise and activity suitable to the individuals ability.

My 1-2-1 and group sessions are based in Essex, but my promotion and interaction with disabled individuals, their carers and parents is accessible worldwide.

The Super Abled blogs are real life experiences which will inspire you to realise the possibilities and benefits around an improved active lifestyle.

How to get involved:

1. You can join the Disability Exercise & Activity Support Network on Facebook to gain or give support.

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2. Contact me directly via the contact form here