Disability Exercise & Activity Support Network

If you’ve read my profile, you’ll know that I have spent many years training and supporting disabled people. During this time a common theme has developed from the questions I’m asked, especially two phrases in particular.

These questions start with:

”Where can I……”

”How do I……”

These are questions of curiosity and discovery and it really pains me to say that many people I am asked such questions by express that they have been in search of their answer for some time.

So I have created a solution to this…

On Facebook you can join The Disability Exercise & Activity Support Network UK

This is a community of disabled people, their carers and parents who are seeking support for participation in accessible exercise and activities.

Feel free to join the group and introduce yourself via the below link


The Super-Abled Diaries Intro

Thanks for joining me here on The Super-Abled Diaries!

So what’s it about – You might think this blog is about me, but it’s not….it’s really not! It’s about you, it’s about who you care for, it’s about who cares for you!

Me: My name is Matt Brinkley, I live in Essex (UK) and I’m a fitness professional.

Am I a personal trainer? YES

Do I work in a gym? NO

What differentiates me from other trainers? I love that question. Because I’m not your ‘usual’ personal trainer.

When I launched my personal training business in 2008 I got a part time job to support me financially during the growth phase. My part time role was a Support Worker for people with Learning Disabilities.

For the past 10 years I have been Inspiring individuals with varying disabilities along with their carers/parents to become more physically active….no matter what their limitations are.


My goal is, and always has been to promote exercise and activity to anyone, anywhere.

Now you are here, I want to inspire you to discover the possibilities and join a community of achievers!

The diary entries will be real life stories which will be information giving, supporting and relatable.