Is Winter Sport’s Out of the Question…? Snow way!

2 weeks ago we had the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.

1 Week ago we had ‘The Beast From The East’ in the UK which got us all shivering in the snow.

Well in 1 week, we will have the 2018 Winter Paralympics also in PyeongChang (South Korea). You will see 80 different events from 5 sports including:

  • Para Alpine/Cross Country Skiing
  • Para-Biathlon
  • Para-Ice hockey
  • Para-snowboarding
  • Wheelchair curling


I personally can’t wait to see what Wheelchair Curling has to offer!

Although a world away from the perfect piste’s in South Korea, us Brits are picking up the tools of the trade and applying them wherever possible. As we know, any exercise is good exercise! Trying a new sport is a fantastic achievement and experience.

Winter Sports Skiing
Experience a new sport

Want to try it?

Snozone Disability Snowsports at Milton Keynes and Castleford can accomodate for anyone who has a sensory, cognitive or physical impairment.

“When slopestyle is on, our snowboarding classes especially get a massive boost. Anybody who doesn’t know how to ski or snowboard can look at someone doing a backflip on TV and think that looks cool, I want to do that.” – Oliver Bowley, Manager – Snozone


The Benefits of Skiing

If you are thinking about trying skiing or snow boarding, then let these 5 health benefits sway your decision:

  1. Burns calories – skiing and snowboarding is a fast paced activity and is a great way to do some cardiovascular exercise whilst having fun
  2. Engages core muscles – due to having to stay up right (or trying to in many cases!) skiing requires your mind to focus and stay balanced which strengthens your core
  3. Boosts mood – exercising outdoors promotes the increased production of endorphins, not to mention the added exposure of Vitamin D from the sun. I often train my clients outdoors throughout the summer months which my clients love! I definitely see a boost in activity.
  4. Improves flexibility – the art of engaging core muscles alongside balancing helps to involve an individuals flexibility. Being flexible is a fantastic way of avoiding early onset of bone & muscle issues in later life.
  5. Strengthens your body – it is no surprise that with these type of sports that your body will reap the benefits. Skiing naturally forces the body to a position which strengthens the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.


Para-Alpine Skiing


How I can help you get fit for the slopes! 

  1. Increase your stamina

Skiing is tough and it will take its toll on your fitness. In order to keep up with fellow skiers, you will have to boost your stamina. We can do this by slowly increasing cardio exercises each session until you feel comfortable and ready to ski!

  1. Build strength

In order to succeed when you ski, actually being able to stay up on the often uneven snow surface is vital!

  1. Improve spatial awareness

The body’s positional sense is called proprioception, and it’s particularly important for skiing and snowboarding. Improving it is also one of the best ways to prevent injury.

  1. Learn recovery stretches

Stretching is everything when your body is in training. This helps to avoid the build up of lactic acid within the muscles which cause cramps and helps to stretch those niggling injuries out!


Contact me if you want me to point you in the right direction for some cold fun exercise!!


Matt Brinkley


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