The Super-Abled Diaries Intro

Thanks for joining me here on The Super-Abled Diaries!

So what’s it about – You might think this blog is about me, but it’s not….it’s really not! It’s about you, it’s about who you care for, it’s about who cares for you!

Me: My name is Matt Brinkley, I live in Essex (UK) and I’m a fitness professional.

Am I a personal trainer? YES

Do I work in a gym? NO

What differentiates me from other trainers? I love that question. Because I’m not your ‘usual’ personal trainer.

When I launched my personal training business in 2008 I got a part time job to support me financially during the growth phase. My part time role was a Support Worker for people with Learning Disabilities.

For the past 10 years I have been Inspiring individuals with varying disabilities along with their carers/parents to become more physically active….no matter what their limitations are.


My goal is, and always has been to promote exercise and activity to anyone, anywhere.

Now you are here, I want to inspire you to discover the possibilities and join a community of achievers!

The diary entries will be real life stories which will be information giving, supporting and relatable.

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